Schloder GmbH

EMC Test and Measurement

Schlöder GmbH develops and manufactures EMC test equipment since 30 years. In addition to the ESD test systems, EFT/Burst generators, Combined Wave generators,  Voltage Dips, Interrupts and Variations simulators, Conducted RF Generators and Magnetic field generators also accessories such as CDN’s, Current Injection & Monitor Probes, Injection Clamps etc are offered.

Magnetic Field Generator - Analyzer

MGA 1033

Generation of magnetic fields from DC to 250 kHz
Field strength up to 1000 A
IEC 61000416 / ISO 11452-8
EN 55103-1/2, MIL-STD 461, etc.
Accessories: Loop sensors, Helmholtz coils etc

Low Frequency Immunity DC - 300 kHz


Immunity DC to 300 kHz
PGA 1241 IEC 61000-4-16/-19 /IEC 60255
PGA 1331 IEC 6100041 / IEC 6132631
Coupling network for DC and AC available