Electrical safety

All electrical products have to be tested to ensure they are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

We offer a wide range of instruments from single function manual testers to automated multi function analysers providing the basic Hipot (Flash) test, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond, as well as fully automated solutions that add Run Test and Line Leakage tests.

Software control, including Bar-code scanning and auto test functionality is available for production line testing and laboratory type approval applications.



  • Flash / Dielectric Strength Testers (Hipot)
  • Insulation Resistance Testers
  • Earth Continuity / Ground Bond Testers
  • Functional Run Test / Line Leakage Testers
  • Medical Safety Test Systems
  • High Voltage and High Current Scanners
  • Test Leads, Probes and Accessories
  • Software

Suppliers are

  • Associated Research – Advanced AC/DC Hipot, IR, ground bond, functional run & line leakage testers
  • SCI (Slaughter) – Basic AC/DC Hipot, IR, ground bond & line leakage testers