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Electrical Safety Test

Electrical Safety Test Equipment

Associated Research products provide the latest testing technology and features available today. All  instruments provide digital control allowing for standard features such as Electronic Ramp Timers, Electronic Dwell Timers, Multiple Test Memories, Automated Control and much more.

Associated Research’s wide range of electrical safety test instruments provide manual and fully automated solutions for all product safety testing including:

  • AC and DC dielectric withstand
  • Insulation resistance
  • Ground bond and continuity
  • Functional run test
  • Line leakage

  • Entry Level Data Capabilities
  • Compact Bench-Top Design
  • Perfect for Production Line Manufacturers

  • Ground Bond Testing with Compact Bench-top Design
  • Entry Level Data Capabilities
  • Perfect for Production Line Manufacturers

  • Robust Data Capture Capabilities
  • Automate Test Routine & Improve Throughput
  • Complete 4-in-1 Test Solution in a 2U Chassis

  • The Complete Medical Testing Solution
  • Type & Production Testing in One-Box Solution
  • Complete 6-in-1 Test Solution in a 3U Chasis

  • Provides Output Voltage up to 20 kV AC or DC
  • Meet the ASTM-D149 Standard
  • Safety Enhancing Features Protect Operators

  • Stand-Alone Leakage Current Tester for Medical Manufacturers
  • Provides up to 40 Amps of Continuous Current
  • Upgrade Your 4-in-1 Tester to Handle Full Medical Requirements
System 3200
Manual Bench-top System
Automated Medical Compliance Test System
  • AC Hipot
  • DC Hipot
  • Insultation Resistance
  • Ground Bound
  • AC & DC Hipot
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Functional Run
  • Ground Bound
  • Line Leakage tests  for all B, BF and CF
    type applied parts
Receptacle Adapter Boxes

  • High Voltage and High Current
  • Line Leakage Test Adapterboxes
  • Universal, Shuko, Nema etc


Test Leads and Probes

  • Ground Bond test probes
  • Dual Action trigger HV probes
  • High Current test leads
  • High Voltage test leads

Modular Multiplexers (MUX)

For automated multi-point testing

Personal Protection Equipment

  • HV warning Signs
  • Isolation Mats
  • Dual Palm Switches
  • Remote Test boxes
  • Foot Switches
  • Emergency Stop
  • Signal Tower Lights
Other Accessories

  • Interconnect kits
  • Transport Cases
  • Computer Interfaces
  • Cabinets
  • Rack Mount trays
  • Connectors
Test Verification Boxes
For periodic verification of Electrical Safety Tester
Signal Light


SaaS platform to remotely connect your safety tester. Improve workstation best practices by automatically saving data and increasing productivity. Program tests and review test data, anywhere, anytime.





Features & Benefits

  • Barcode Connection
  • Test Reports
  • Remote Instrument Connection
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Add-On Features

On Site Electrical Safety Training

Based upon your specific needs Electrometric B.V. offers  on-site electrical safety test training sessions.

The setup of these training sessions are in accordance with your electrical safety  requirements.

We can offer:

  • How to create a safe working environment
  • How to use safety test equipment
  • Which electrical safety tests exist and are required
  • Hands-on (using customer equipment)
  • Local/remote programming


  • Training material
  • Certificate for each attendee


Guide to Electrical Safety Testing (pdf)
Get a better understanding of how valuable safety testing is for your product design and integrity.


Safe Workstation Best Practices
One of the best ways to prevent injury is to ensure that your test station is set up safely and securely.