HYAMP 3240

HYAMP 3240 40 A AC/DC Ground Bond Tester

The Industry Leading Production Line Ground Bond Instrument

HYAMP 3240 is a manual Ground Bond tester that features an enhanced graphic LCD. The 3240 provides 40 Amps of Ground Bond test current.

On-board data storage, convenient front panel USB data collection and front panel barcode connection capabilities improve traceability and data transfer.

All models can be used stand alone or interconnected to the Hypot® 3800 family of Hipot testers to form a complete test system. They can also be controlled through enhanced PLC Remote Control.

  • 40 Amps of Ground Bond test current
  • 4-Wire measurement, more accurate milliohm measurement
  • FailCHEKTM, confirms failure detection
  • Memory of 50 steps, on-board data storage up to 1500 test results
  • Internal Security settings
  • Programmable Min and Max Pass/Fail limits
  • Interconnection to Hypot 3800 series Hipot testers
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Fast delivery

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