Hypot 3800

Hypot 3800 series Hipot Tester

A Safe & Innovative Production Line Hipot Tester

The Hypot® Series sets the standard for safety and efficiency in production line Hipot Testing.

Four models of the Hypot® 3800 are available: the 3805, the 3865, the 3870, and the 3880. The 3805 is an AC Hipot tester, the 3865 is an AC/DC Hipot Tester, the 3870 is an AC/DC/IR Hipot tester. All four models are also able to perform a Ground Continuity test. On-board data storage, convenient front panel USB data collection and front panel barcode connection capabilities improve traceability and data transfer. An interconnection with the HYAMP® Series makes it possible to form a complete safety compliance system.

  • AC, AC+DC, AC+DC + IR Hipot Testers
  • USB Interface Standard
  • Data Transfer via USB
  • Patented SmartGFI® operator protection
  • Barcode capability, direct barcode connection
  • Memory storage up to 50 steps
  • On-board data storage up to 1500 test results
  • Built-in security settings
  • Digitally controlled arc detection system
  • No load setup of trip current and output voltage
  • Electronic ramping (up & down)
  • Built-in adjustable continuity test
  • Interconnection to HYAMP ® 3800 series to form complete test system


Model AC Hipot DC Hipot Insulation Resistance
3805 5 kVA @ 20 mA
3865 5 kVA @ 20 mA  6 kVA @ 7.5 mADC
3870 5 kVA @ 20 mA 6 kVA @ 7.5 mADC 30-1000 Vdc / 1-50 MOhm

*Meets 200 mA short circuit requirement

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