LineCheck II Line Leakage tester



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Model 620L Fully Automated Line Leakage Tester

The Associated Research LINECHEK® Model 620L is a fully automated Line Leakage tester that can be configured to perform 8 of the most commonly required Line Leakage tests. The 620L has the most common measuring devices (MD’s) already incorporated into the instrument and can perform patient lead tests with an optional scanning matrix. The 620L also features a continuous run capability which allows the DUT to be run without shutting down between line leakage tests. With advanced features and capabilities the 620L can measure the voltage drop across measuring devices for compliance to IEC60065 and IEC60990, record the maximum RMS or Peak leakage current during a test, and comply with IEC60601-1 for AC, DC, and AC+DC leakage measurements.



  • AC, DC and AC + DC line leakage measurements
  • Data Storage Card
  • Performs 8 most common Line Leakage Tests
  • Perform patient lead tests as part of a medical test system
  • Continuously runs DUT during Line Leakage Testing even in reverse polarity conditions
  • Interconnection to Associated Power Technologies AC Power Source
  • Interconnection with any AR Hipot
  • 50 Memories with 30 steps per memory
  • Perform patient lead test w/ optional scanner
  • Most Common Measuring Devices built-in
  • Peak and RMS current measurement


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