pdf SC6540 Datasheet


Solution for full automatic multipoint testing

The SC6540 modular scanner is designed to automate multi-point and multi-product testing when using OMNIA, HypotULTRA III, or HypotMAX models 7700 and 7704. There are 5 different configurations available, either being a Master or Slave. Slave Scanners can be directly controlled by the tester it is connected to.

The Master scanners have their own power supply and are controlled by Autoware software via ISB, RS232, LAN or GPIB interface. A master scanner can control up to 4 Slave scanner for a total of 80 available scanner ports.



Model Master/Slave Description
SC6540HH HHM / HHS 16 port High Voltage Scanner
SC6540HG HGM / GHS 8 port High Voltage and 8 port High Current Scanner
SC6540HN HNM / HNS 8 port High Voltage Scanner
SC6540GG GGM / GGS 16 port High Current Scanner
SC6540GN GNM / GNS 8 port High Current Scanner


  • USB/RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet Interfaces available
  • Configurable Scanning Matrix
  • Multi-point or Multi-product testing capabilities
  • Automation Interfaces for Autoware Control
  • Point-to-Point Continuity Tests
  • Up to 16 high voltage switching channels on a single scanner
  • High current outputs rated up to 40 Amps
  • Up to 80 testing points from a single power source
  • Compact 2U rack mount design


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