MedTEST Medical Safety tester



Associated Research Medtest for Medical Electrical Safety

The Associated Research MedTEST test system has been developed to perform electrical safety tests on medical products. The system is available in several configurations depending on the test requirements.

MedTEST is compliant with UL2601, UL60601-1, IEC601-1, IEC60601-1, EN60601-1 and other standards.

Depending on the configuration, the following test can be performed.

  • AC Hipot
  • DC Hipot
  • Isolation Resistance
  • Earth Bond
  • Line Leakage, Enclosure Leakage, Patient Leakage (incl all B, BF en CF applied parts)
  • Functional Run Test

The System can be combined with different scanners for applied parts testing or additional AC Power Sources for mains on applied parts leakage current measurements. The MedTEST system can be controlled using the Autoware software.


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