Protocol Analyzer and Oscilloscope Integration

Teledyne LeCroy CrossSync PHY concept

CrossSync PHY enables waveforms from Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes to be viewed alongside protocol analyzer traces, with complete time-correlation of electrical and protocol information for easy and powerful validation and root-cause analysis.

CrossSync PHY gives deeper insight and more visibility into the most complex behaviors in a PCI Express link. Link training, power-on operations, and power management transitions all involve interactions between protocol and electrical layers.


Product Features

Validate and debug active link operation
  • CrossSync PHY capable interposers enable observation of both electrical and protocol behavior without disturbing the link
  • Sideband signals, reference clock and power rails are all easily accessible to oscilloscope probes
  • Optional high-bandwidth oscilloscope probing points for PCI Express data lane
Quickly resolve interoperability issues by capturing the entire protocol stack
  • Trigger protocol analyzer and oscilloscope captures on the same high-level event
  • Easily measure timing relationships between protocol and electrical domains
  • Faster root-cause analysis means fewer costly finger-pointing exercises
Analyze link training with integrated physical and protocol views
  • Observe electrical-level results of protocol-level commands
  • Combined navigation means always knowing which protocol and electrical behaviors happen at the same time
  • No single instrument can deliver this level of cross-layer insight into link training