440 Series 4-in-1 Multi-function Electrical Safety Testers

SCI 440 Series Datasheet


The SCI 440 series are modern microprocessor controlled combination electrical safety testers. The units are easy and safe to operate. Test setups can be programmed in one of the 6 available memories and can be recalled at any moment. During the actual testing the test progress is shown in the display. After the test the test results are displayed. The unit can be operated through the front panel or remote through isolated PLC inputs and outputs or through USB(optional). The 440 series peforms the following tests: AC hipot, DC hipot, Ground Bond and Isolation resistance. Two models are available; model 446 delivers 20 mA in AC hipot mode, while model 448 is a 500 VA (5 kV @ 100 mA) hipot.



  • Compact and easy to operate
  • 5 kV AC @ 20 mA (446) or 5 kV @ 100 mA (500 VA, 448) & 6 kV DC @ 5 mA
  • 40 A Ground Bond
  • 1-1000 MOhm Isolation Resistance
  • Programmable ramp up end dwell timers
  • Programmable Hi and Lo limits
  • 6 Memories
  • Ground Continuity test
  • Optional USB interface
  • Remote Safety Interlock
  • Delivery including test leads
  • Optional test adapter boxes, probes etc
  • Fast delivery


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