Budget Friendly Electrical Safety Testers

SCI supplies basic budget friendly electrical safety testers for validation and production line testing. SCI is part if the Ikonix Group consisting of SCI, Associated Research and ATP. Associated Research provides more advanced Electrical Safety testers, while Associated Power Technologies (APT) offers excellent programmable AC sources.

The SCI instruments are modern microprocessor controlled testers that are easy to operate. Test setups with associated pass/fail limits can be stored in one of the non volatile memory and can be recalled at a keystroke. Before, during and after test the test progress can viewed on the screen. After the test the measurement results are displayed including possible pass/fail results. In case of a test failure the reasons it failed (like Short, Hi Limit, Lo Limit, Overload, Breakdown etc) is displayed.

290 Series Hipot Testers 260 Series Ground Bond Testers 440 Series 4-in-1 Electrical Safety Testers
  • 5 models
  • AC Hipot 12 mA@5kV
  • AC Hipot, 100 mA@5kV (500VA)
  • DC Hipot 5 mA@6kV
  • AC/DC Hipot, 12 mA@5kV, 5 mA@6kV
  • AC/DC Hipot+IR, 12 mA@5kV, 5 mA@6kV
  • Optional USB Interface
  • Standard or  ISO17025 Calibration
  • 2 models
  • 40 A AC Ground Bond (model 264)
  • 60 A AC Ground Bond (model 266)
  • Optional USB interface
  • Standard or  ISO17025 Calibration
  • 2 models
  • AC Hipot 20 mA@5kV (model 446)
  • AC Hipot 100 mA@5kV  (model 448, 500VA)
  • DC Hipot 5 mA@6kV (model 446)
  • DC Hipot 10 mA@6kV (model 448)
  • Insulation Resistance
  • 40 A AC Ground Bond
  • Optional USB interface
  • Standard or  ISO17025 Calibration
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