JV9000 Series: Adjustable Vcc Noise Generator for PSRR Analysis


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Noise on Ground and Vcc traces is becoming an increasing concern of component designers, manufacturers and system users. Whether developing or operating highly accurate PLL or clock circuits, A/D D/A converters and other linear analog circuits for precision operations or such that are reliant on precise threshold functions, Ground and VCC noise can significantly influence overall system functionality. Even high-speed digital circuits are not immune against this kind of noise and should be tested for Ground and VCC noise related effects on data jitter and data integrity.

Switched power supplies are a key cause of ground and Vcc noise, but other sources, like digital output switching, can also have significantly influence the quality of GND and VCC. Noisecom’s JV9000 is a generator specifically designed to test components that need to be qualified for immunity to specific interference levels. The instrument has the capability to inject noise and deterministic jitter (DJ) signals into Vcc lines.  JV9000 is a very useful instrument to analyze Power Supply Rejection Ratio.


Quick Features

  • VCC Noise Generator 500 Hz to 2 GHz, 0dBm
  • Deterministic Jitter Signal Generator 1kHz to 1GHz in steps (optional)
  • Customized inputs, outputs and signal levels possible
  • Manual versions and computerized versions available


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