DNG7500 Digital Noise Generator


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The Noisecom programmable DNG7500, generates pseudo-random noise and CW signals for RF, Microwave, and digital applications. It can provide up to a 70 MHz wide RF output to emulate real-world noise and interference conditions. The user can create many complex waveforms, including digital notches, and burst pattern waveforms. The Large 8.4 ” color display contains unit block diagrams and tabular signal parameter values making the creation and storage of waveforms intuitive and efficient. The signals can be up-converted to your band of interest with an optional LO and mixer. User created MatLAB data files can be imported for digital conversion and subsequent analog signal output. An optional dual channel output allows for cost effective ATE test systems.


Quick Features

  • Digitally simulated AWGN with user settable parameters
  • Program noise band frequency, power level, and notch depth.
  • Import user created MatLAB data files for digital conversion
  • Optional Dual channels for independent signal output
  • Standard Ethernet, remote interface
  • Optional GPIB remote control interface


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