Noise Generator Components



Noise Generators Components

Noisecom offers various components for a wide range of applications.


Model Description
nc100400_ret_2_21 NC100/200/300/400 Series Chips and Diodes Noisecom’s noise diodes are the fundamental building blocks for analog noise systems. They are categorized for performance characteristics that enhance their broadband noise output and flat spectral response. All Noisecom noise diodes can deliver symmetrical white Gaussian noise and flat output power versus frequency *.
nc1000_white  NC1000 Series Amplified AWGN Noise Modules 10 Hz to 10 GHz The NC1000 Series amplified noise modules produce AWGN as high as +13 dBm, and have bandwidths up to 10 GHz. The high power modules are designed to test noise immunity for Cable TV equipment, secure communication channels, and military jamming systems.
nc_500 NC500/500SM Series BITE Modules The NC500 (through-hole) and NC 500SM (surface mount) Series noise modules are an economical solution for built-in test requirements. They contain complete bias circuits and require no external components.
nc520 NC520 Low Voltage Surface Mount Noise Source 200 kHz to 5 GHz The NC520 low voltage (surface mount) noise module is an economic solution for built-in test requirements. It contains complete bias circuits and require no external components.
nc2_4000 NC2000/4000 Series Broadband Amplified Noise Modules The NC2000 Series amplified noise modules are an excellent choice for high-level noise modules mounted on a circuit board. The NC2000 Series modules are housed in 24, or14-pin dual-inline packages. The NC4000 series modules are housed in a 40-pin module that cover similar noise bands to the NC2000, but have higher crest factor, and 60 dB of TTL controlled attenuation.