RF & Microwave Coaxial and Waveguide Components

Narda-ATM designs, manufactures, supplies and stocks a complete line of Microwave RF Components varying from Coaxial Components, Waveguide Components, Ka-Band Satcom Components, Space Qualified Microwave Components and Microwave Subsystems.

As a leader in RF component manufacturing Narda-ATM offers microwave components for Coaxial, Waveguide, Double Ridge Waveguide and Ka-Band Satcom microwave components for satellite communications, military systems & microwave telecommunications with capabilities up to 50 GHz.

Components can be manufactured to Commercial Standards or to Full Military Specifications including flight and space quality standards. RF components can be manufactured with all waveguide flange sizes / types or coaxial connectors for maximum flexibility in your designs.

Narda-ATM manufactures a wide array of high quality RF & Microwave Coaxial Components for almost every application you can imagine. Our full line of coaxial components is engineered and built for low loss, high performance & long life. ATM coaxial products are built to exceed your exacting quality requirements for superior performance, and reliability.



Adapters – Coaxial to Waveguide
Right Angle, End Launch
Coaxial Attenuators
Fixed, Step, Contineous Variable
Coaxial Couplers
Hybrid Couplers, High Power, Directional
DC Blocks
Inner and Outer for Coaxial RF
Bias Tee / DC Injector
SMA, N type & BNC
 Flexible RF Coaxial Cable
Horn Antennas
Standard & High Gain
Isolators & Circulators
Up to 40 GHz
Coaxial Line Stretchers / Phase Shifters
SMA and Type N
Microwave Noise Source
10 MHz to 26.6 GHz
Coaxial Phase Shifters & Line Strectchers
30°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 180°, 360°
RF Power Divider / Splitter / Combiner
SMA, 2, 4 and 8-Way
RF Power Divider / Splitter / Combiner
N, 2, 4 and 8-Way
RF Switch / Pin Diode Coaxial Switches
Pin diode and Electromechanical RF Switches
Terminations / Dummy Loads
Up to 40 GHz, SMA, SC and N-Type
Narda-ATM manufactures a wide array of high quality Waveguide Components and Sub-Assemblies for almost any application you can think of. All of our products are built to meet or exceed your stringent specifications. If you have any special requirements, or would like to discuss your project with one of our knowledgeable engineers please call us.



Adapters for Waveguide and Coax
Several WG to WG, WG to Coax, Coax to WG
Waveguide Arc Detectors
Available for WR28 to WR284
Waveguide Assemblies and Transitions
WR22 to WR650 (1.12-50 GHz)
WRD180 to WR750
WG Attenuators
Low and High Power Fixed, Variable
Bulkhead Feedthrough
Available from WR22 to WR650
Waveguide Combiner / Dividers 3 dB Hybrid
Waveguide Couplers
WR22 to WR650 (1.12-50 GHz)
WRD180 to WR750
Flexible Waveguides
For High and Low Power
Gaskets, Clamps and Flange Kits
Horn Antenna
Standard Gain and Wideband
Phase Shifters & Line Strectchers
WR28 to WR137, 0° to 360°
Phase Shifter & Line Stretchers High Power
WR28 to WR284, 0° to 360°
Pressure Sections & Inlets
Available for WR22 to WR 650
Double Ridge Waveguide
Dummy Loads
Up to 40 GHz, SMA, SC and N-Type
Narda-ATM now offers Ka-band specific components that cover the uplink frequency of 27.5-  31.0 GHz and a downlink frequency of 18.3-  20.2 GHz with better specifications and lower costs. Ka-Band products range from Coaxial Components to Waveguide Components and include power dividers, attenuators, phase shifters, couplers, terminations and more.


Coaxial Ka Band Satcom Components


Ka-Band Fixed Coaxial Attenuators
SMA and 2.92 mm, 1 and 2 Watt Ka Band
Ka-Band Coax Variable Attenuators
10 dB to 40 dB Attenuation Range
Ka-Band Directional Couplers
SMA, 2.92 mm, F Connectors, 10, 20 or 30 dB
Ka-Band Flexible Coaxial Cable
SMA and 2.92 mm
Ka-Band 90° Hybrid 3dB Directional Couplers
20 W avg, 3 kW peak, SMA and 2.92 mm
Ka-Band Isolators/Ciculators
18.3 to 31 GHz, SMA and 2.92 mm
Ka-Band Coaxial Line Stretchers
18.3 to 31 GHz, Downlink, Uplink or Full
Ka-Band Phase Shifters
Low Loss Phase Shifters Ka-Band
10 W avg, 0 – 360°
Ka -Band SMA Power Dividers/Combiners
2-Way, 4-Way, 8-Way
Ka-band Coaxial Terminations / Dummy Loads
SMA 0r 2.92 mm

Full Range of RF of RF Space Components

Narda-ATM is one of the leading suppliers of waveguide assemblies and components for commercial, scientific and military space flight applications.

We can manufacture a wide variety of standard and custom components including unique Quarter Height, Thin Wall, Space Flight Waveguide Assemblies with completely customized bends, twists and miters.


Narda-ATM Space Market Products

  • Earth Station Components
    – Up Link / Down Link Components
    – Wide Range of Waveguide & Coax
    – Special Ka-Band Products – Better Specs, Less Expensive
  • Space Flight Components
    – Commercial / Military / Scientific
    – Lightweight
    – Standard or Thin Wall
    – High Performance
    – High Temperature
    – Vacuum Ready
    – Performance under Acceleration Loads
    – Long Life and Durability
    – Meets or exceeds Mil-Specs
  • High Temp / Vacuum / Test Chamber Components
    – No Outgassing Materials and Coatings
    – Water Cooled Components
    – Chill Plate Components
    – High Performance


Please contact us for more information on space qualified products and solutions we can offer.

Narda-ATM Short Form Catalog

Every year ATM publishes a short form catalog featuring a variety of items ranging from our standard components, additional models of standard products, and new innovative product designs.

Please refer to the Narda-ATM website for a full product listing and contact us for custom products



L3Harris Narda-ATM Short Form Catalog