ATE Linear DC Power Supplies

ATE Linear Voltage and Current stabilizer    

pdf ATE Datasheet                                               pdf ATE DMG Datasheet

ATE precision Analog DC Power Supplies

Series ATE power supplies are precision analog-controlled power supplies. They feature high gain and zeroable offsets to follow voltage signals or variable resistance controls precisely. An optional fast mode provides fast programming response into the mid audio range. The voltage and current channels are equally controllable with automatic crossover between modes.

Key Features

  • Linear programmable power supplies
  • 50,100,250,500,1000 Watt
  • 0 to 6/ 15/ 25/ 36/ 55/ 75/ 100/ 150V
  • Low noise, high speed linear precision control.
  • Voltage and current stabilization.
  • 10 turn panel controls offer exceptional resolution.
  • User-selectable capacitorless output for fast analog programming or quick recovery current-mode operation.
  • User selectable fast or conventional modes of operation. Use fast-mode for rapid response to programmed instructions or for quick response in current mode to load changes.
  • Voltage and current modes with full and equal control over the output in both modes.
  • Uncommitted amplifiers to manipulate arbitrary control signals into the required 0-10V needed to program ATE. (Two provided. Can be used for scaling and summing.)
  • 5 Year Warranty


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