Kepco DC Power Supplies and Loads

Kepco manufactures very reliable and accurate programmable linear & switch-mode DC power supplies. Perhaps Kepco is best known for its unique 4 quadrant Bipolar (BOP) Power Supplies which pass smoothly through zero and can source and sink power.

Next to the Bipolar Power Supplies Kepco also offers a complete range very accurate programmable unipolar Power Supplies both analog and switch-mode.  These power supplies have very fast response to load transients due to the high bandwidth, low noise and ripple and offer very accurate regulation in the 0.001% region.

Kepco also offers a complete range of switch-mode modular Plugin power supplies that can be configured for N+1 Redundant operation for ultimate reliability.


The Kepco product portfolio includes


Drop-in replacements for obsolete products:

Kepco has created drop-in replacements for obsoleted products from other vendors. One of the advantages of using 1:1 drop-in replacements is that the test system doesn’t require revalidation. Kepco has created webpages with more specific information: