Plugin DC Power Supplies


Kepco Plugin DC Power Supplies

Kepco offers several series Plugin DC Power Supplies systems with either fixed or programmable  output voltage. All  Systems consist of a 19″ rack adapter with slots for the power modules. Rack Adapters are available to mount 3 to 9 power modules. These can be the same modules, but also a mix of different modules with different voltage or power ratings can be used.


Fault Redundant and Hot Swap  for Extreme Reliability

Power Modules of the same voltage/power may be configured in N+1 Redundant configuration for ultimate reliability. In this configuration the load current is equally distributed across 2 or more power modules. A defective module will be automatically switcthed of and the load will shared between the remaining redundant power modules. All modules are Hot Swappable and  can be exchanged while the system is powered up. This eliminates the need to shut off the system to replace defective power supplies, keeping your application powered at all times.


Kepco Plugin DC Power Supplies series

In the table below the Kepco Plugin series are listed. For more information on a certain series click on the hyperlink provided.


HSF low power
50,100,150, 300, 600 Watt 3 HE Modules
3.3/ 5/ 12/ 15/ 24/ 28/ 48  V
HSF high power
300,600,1200, 1500 Watt 3 HE Modules
3.3/ 5/ 12/ 15/ 24/ 28/ 48 V
50, 100 Watt 1 U Modules
5/12/15/24/28/48 V
1000, 1500 Watt 3 HE Modules
3.3/ 5/ 12/ 15/ 24/ 28/ 48 V
200, 400 Watt Programmable Modules
6/15/25/40/55/75/100/150 V