High Voltage Bipolar Power Supply

pdf BOP-HV Datasheet

Kepco BOP-HV High Voltage Bipolar Power Supplies

The Kepco Model BOP 500M and BOP 1000M are High Voltage Bipolar Power Supplies, up to ±500V or ±1000V, respectively. These combine the capabilities of fast programmable power supplies with a Class A output stage, which can respond bi-directionally from zero. They can be operated in either a “voltage stabilizing” or “current stabilizing” mode.


Product features

  • 40 watts, linear 4-quadrant operation
  • ±500V or ±1000V
  • Constant voltage and constant current mode
  • Source and Sink up to 100% of power rating
  • Buit in Pre-amplifiers for summing and scaling arbitrary input signals
  • Wide bandwidth
  • Voltage and current stabilization with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits
  • Remote programming of voltage, current or both channels by external analog voltage.
  • Optional GPIB Control with SN 488 Digital Programmer


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