High Power Bipolar Power Supply

high power bipolar power supply

pdf BOP High Power Bipolar Power Supply Datasheet


High Power Bipolar Power Supply with regenerative sink

The Kepco, Inc 1 kW High Power Bipolar Power Supply utilizes switch-mode techniques with linear post regulation. In sink mode the Bi-directional PFC circuit recuperates the energy for resuse instead if dissipative sinking. Almost no heat is produced and energy waste is eliminated.  The unit operates in 4 quadrants in both constant voltage and constant current mode. In sink mode the Kepco high power bipolar power supplies deliver energy back to the grid through its bi-directional PFC circuit.


Low Noise and ripple with GL models

The BOP-GL series models  have been optimized for exceptionally low current ripple and noise and improved stability (drift and temperature), making them ideal for driving inductive loads such as large magnets or motors. These bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero without switching to provide true ± voltage and ± current.


Internal waveform generator – Create and execute arbitrary waves and test patterns

The internal waveform generator of the high power bipolar power supply allows a user to combine segments of a sinusoidal waveform, triangular waveform, a ramp, a saw tooth waveform and a square 50% duty cycle pulse, plus d-c to create a variety of arbitrary waveforms. The programmed waveshapes can be used to control either voltage or current with both positive and negative values. It is possible to reproduce an a-c sinusoid with differing degrees of distortion or dropouts for test purposes.



 Product Features

  • ±6, 10, 20, 25, 36, 50, 72 and 100 Volt Models
  • Source & sink, 4 quadrant operation
  • Regenerative Sink
  • Large graphic LCD
  • Keypad control from front panel
  • Parallel up to 5 units in master/slave configuration
  • Connect up to 3 units in series
  • Fast analog programming
  • Precision stabilization: 0.001% source, 0.002% load
  • Digital programming
  • Built-in arbitrary waveform generator
  • 5 Years warranty


More Information

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