4500B RF Peak Power Analyzer

New 4500C Peak Power Meter

Taking performance to a new peak

The Boonton Model 4500C is the instrument of choice for capturing, displaying, analyzing and characterizing microwave and RF power in both the time and statistical domains. It is ideal for design, verification, and troubleshooting of pulsed and noise-like signals used in commercial and military radar, electronic warfare (EW), wireless communications (e.g., LTE, LTE-A, and 5G), and consumer electronics (WLAN), as well as education and research applications.

  • Frequency range 30 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Measurement range -60 dBm to +20 dBm
  • RF channel video bandwidth 125 MHz
  • RF channel rise time < 5 ns
  • Overall accuracy 0.2 dB
  • Time Resolution 100 ps
  • Min Pulse Width / Max PRF 6 ns / 50 MHz
  • Channels 2 RF and 2 trigger
RF Peak Power Analyzer Dual Channel, front panel inputs
4500C-03 Rear panel inputs
4500C-006 Dual Trigger Outputs (rear panel only)
4500C-007 Calibrator, Rear Panel Output
4500C-010 Statistical Package (includes gated CCDF and PDF)
4500C-015 GPIB Control (internally installed)
4500C-RSSD Additional removable SSD with Software (requires option 4500C-015)
4500C-ISSD Spare internal SSD with Software
4500C-TCASE Transport case for 4500C
4500C-RMEO Rack Mount Kit (4400 and 4500 Series) Ears Only
4500C-RMEH Rack Mount Kit (4400 and 4500 Series) Ears and Handles

Principles of RF Power Measurement

A primer on RF and Microwave Power measurements

RF Power measurement techniques have evolved considerably since the earliest days of wireless. “Principles of RF Power Measurements” provides the reader an in depth guide to key methodologies for measuring CW, average and peak RF power signals using thermistor, diode detector, RF receiver-based, direct RF sampling, and monolithic IC techniques.

Boonton 2018 Catalog

Boonton’s portfolio includes Peak and Average power meters, RF voltmeters, Modulation & Audio meters.
Boonton’s diverse and innovative products are used in terrestrial and satellite communication, radar, telemetry, avionics, military, and an expanding number of wireless communication applications. For more information on Boonton products download the catalog.