Probes and Accessories

Associated Research complements its Electrical Safety Testers with several high voltage test probes, ground bond robes, test leads, test adapter boxes and a Verification Box.


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Test Verification Box

Test Verification Box for daily check of Electrical Safety Tests

The TVB-2 is a go/no-go load box for verifying that the failure detectors of your Associated Research electrical safety testing instrument are functioning properly. Use the TVB-2 daily before you begin performing Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond and Ground Continuity tests. An optional Line cord is available for easy connection to the TVB-2.



Receptacle Adapter Boxes

Receptacle Adapter Boxes for easy connetion of your EUT


For easy testing  of products with a line cord several high voltage and high current adapter boxes are available.
There are different styles adapter boxes available: European, US style, French and Universal.




 Probes and Test Leads

High Voltage Probes, Ground Bond Probes, Test LeadsFor testing individual points on the Device Under Test (DUT) several test probes are available for High Voltage and High Current. With some probes the test can be initiated by a switch on the probe, others require a foot switch to start the test.

Also several High Voltage and High Current test leads with alligator clip are available of different lengths.


DUT Enclosure

39067This DUT Enclosure is designed with an safety interlock that will eliminate the potential for electrical shock when used correctly. The interlock will disable the high voltage if the enclosure door is open. The DUT Enclosure is designed to be used with all interlocked Associated Research Hipot testers.



Other Accessories

Associated Research offers several other accessories like shipping cases, rack mount kits, interlock adapters, PC Interfaces, Data storage cards etc. Please contact us for a advise.