World’s 1st Laser-Powered RF Power-Meters

Lumiloop Laser-powered,  high speed,RF Power Meters

The new Lumiloop LSPM 1.1/2.1 Triple High-Speed Power Meters are laser-powered, three channel, high speed, high accuracy and high dynamic range RF Power Meters. Single and dual channel versions are available as well. Their frequency range is 9 kHz to 6 GHz for LSPM 1.1 and 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz for LSPM 2.1.Operation at higher frequencies is supported with reduced performance.
The LSPM 1.1/2.1 are galvanically isolated. The sensor heads are extremely robust and can withstand more than 1000 V/m. Measuring forward and reverse RF Power at a directional coupler inside EMC test chambers has never been easier! Fiber cable lengths of up to 1000 m allow for remote operation without worrying about ground loops.
Compensation of linearity, frequency and power sensor temperature guarantee accurate measurements. A dynamic range of 80 dB for LSPM 1.1 and 63 dB for LSPM 2.1 is achieved for many frequencies. The LSPM Triple High-Speed Power Meters’ high sampling rate allows for high resolution time-domain signal analysis. The Power Meters can be synchronized with signal generators in order to realize high resolution pulse analysis. All LSPMs can be synchronized with additional LSPM1.0/1.1/2.0/2.1 Power Meters as well as LSProbe E-Field Probes.

CI250+ Computer Interface


The LSPM 1.1/2.1 Laser-Powered RF Power Meters can alsobe combined with CI-250+ Computer Interfaces, which are equipped with a 4.3” Touchscreen and Ethernet Interface. The CI-250+ displays RF power, field strength, laser status and more at a glance. Setup is a child’s play. Third partyEMC software integration is quick and easy – just enter theIP address, turn on the laser, and start your measurement. A CI-250+ can enhance other Lumiloop devices. It can control other LSPM Power Meters as well as LSProbe E-Field Probes via USB. All devices can be accessed using the same touchscreen and Ethernet connection.


  • Galvanically Isolated: Robust up to 1000 V/m
  • Measure Power inside Your Chamber
  • High Speed : Up to 2 MSamples/s
  • High Accuracy
  • High Dynamic Range : 80 dB for LSPM 1.1 and 63 dB for LSPM 2.1 is achieved for many frequencies


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