Very Small, Low Noise Synthesizers

Miniature MLMS Series Frequency Synthesizers now available with single +5 Volt Supply

The MLMS-Series of YIG-Based wideband synthesizers are ideal as the main local oscillators in receiving systems, frequency convertersand test and measurement equipment. They provide 1 kHz frequency resolution over the 250 MHz to 32 GHz frequency range. Power levels of +8 to +13 dBm are provided through out the series and full band tuning speed is 1-3 mSec. The units are 2.5” x 2.5” x .65” high and fita 1 Slot PXI chassis.

Applications include Wide Band Receivers, Automated Test Systems, Telecom, Satcom , UAV’s and Drones and a variety of  Military and Commercial Test applications.


  • 250 MHz to 32 GHz Frequency range
  • Superior Phase Noise
  • 1 kHz Step Size
  • External or Internal Reference
  • Fits in a Single Slot PXI
  • 5 Line Serial & USB Control
  • Single, +5VDC Power Supply Option


MLMS series data Sheet


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