New Rigol High-End Digital Oscilloscope


RIGOL Technologies announced its next generation of technological innovation with the release of StationMax Digital Oscilloscopes powered by the new UltraVision III platform. The new DS70000 Series is available in either 3 or 5 GHz bandwidths and combines the new UltraVision III oscilloscope technology and UltraReal spectrum analysis technology into RIGOL’s most powerful test and measurement instrument ever.

The innovative UltraVision III platform combines updated oscilloscope and spectrum analysis technology with its custom front-end Phoenix ASIC chipset to expand RIGOL solutions into new applications. In addition to 3 or 5 GHz bandwidths, StationMax provides four channels, 20 GSamples/sec sample rate (10 GSa/sec on all channels), 1 million waveforms/sec capture rate, 2 Gpts maximum storage depth, and high resolution measurements up to 16 bits.

StationMax leverages technology to provide real-time oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functionality. The DS70000 series delivers new performance, speed and analysis capabilities, as well as a completely new interface designed for the 15.6″ multi-touch display. Powerful analysis capabilities include real-time spectrum analysis, multi-domain analysis, eye diagram and jitter analysis, high speed bus compliance and serial bus decoding.


StationMax is designed for ease of use and convenience. The 15.6″ display features an electronically controlled tilt function to optimize viewing and usability. This intuitive touch multi-panel display simplifies analysis by isolating important measurements in separate windows including real-time spectrum view, multiple FFT and math functions, jitter and real-time eye. For engineers who prefer tactile control, the instrument has separate scale and position knobs for each channel and the horizontal. Channel controls are backlit and color-coded with RIGOL probes.

Complementing this powerful instrument is a new family of high speed precision probe solutions. These active differential probes are available in 3.5 and 7 GHz models delivering excellent 3 and 5 GHz measurements to the probe tip. These probes also have automatic spacing controls with three user-defined settings at the touch of a button, a work light for easier connections, and automatic color-coded LEDs to match the signal on the display.

The New StationMax oscilloscopes allow engineers to communicate, control and access their test data with ease, addressing a key challenge facing engineers performing advanced testing and analysis. DS70000 oscilloscopes include USB 3.0 host and device communication for storage and computer control, gigabit LAN for high speed data transfer, all new and advanced web control, HDMI for external display and onboard FTP data sharing. All of this makes it possible to move gigabits of data at high speed with less instrument downtime for offline analysis and data archival.


  • Analog channel bandwidth: Max. 5 GHz, 4 analog channels and 1 EXT channel
  • Max. real-time sample rate: 20 GSa/s
  • Max. memory depth: 2 Gpts
  • 8 – 16 adjustable resolution
  • Waveform capture rate >1,000,000 wfms/s
  • Two touch screens.
    • 15.6-inch capacitive inclination adjustable high definition touch screen.
      It supports displaying various types of information in different windows.
      The split-screen display mode enables users to observe the signals efficiently and get better view effects
    • 3.5-inch touch screen can be served as a customized high-definition smart and quick-responsive keyboard,
      enabling users to customize the shortcut menu according to their own habits and open the desired menu quickly.
  • Vertical sensitivity range: 1 mV/div~10 V/div (1 MΩ), 1 mV/div~1 V/div (50 Ω)
  • Timebase range: 50 ps/div~1000 s/div
  • Up to 2,000,000 frames of hardware real-time and ceaseless waveforms recording and playback functions
  • Integrates 5 independent instruments into 1, including
    • digital oscilloscope
    • real-time spectrum analyzer (option)
    • digital voltmeter
    • 8-digit frequency counter and totalizer
    • protocol analyzer (option)
  • Standard trigger functions: Edge trigger, Pulse trigger, Slope trigger, Video trigger, Pattern trigger, Duration trigger, Timeout trigger, Runt trigger, Window trigger, Delay trigger, Setup/Hold trigger, Nth Edge trigger, RS232, I2C, SPI, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, I2S, and MIL-STD-1553
  • A variety of serial decoding functions (option): RS232, I2C, SPI, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, I2S, MILSTD-1553, and CAN-FD; supporting 4 decoding channels
  • Auto measurement of 41 waveform parameters; full-memory hardware measurement function
  • A variety of math operations: A+B, A-B, A×B, A/B, FFT, A&&B, A||B, A^B, !A, Intg, Diff, Lg, Ln, Exp, Sqrt, Abs, AX+B, LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, BandStop, built-in enhanced FFT analysis and peak search function
  • Eye diagram and jitter analysis (option)
  • Unique UltraVision III technical platform
  • Multiple interfaces available: USB HOST&DEVICE, LAN(LXI), HDMI, AUX OUT; Web Control supported
  • The photoelectric encoder operating knob prolongs its service life, guaranteeing more than 100,000 times of pressing operation and 1 million times of rotation operation, greatly improving its service life
  • High-definition smart and quick-responsive keyboard, enabling users to customize the shortcut menu according to their own habits, and making the keypads quickly responsive
  • Electronic label display of the model and main parameters of the product, sustaining the display contents up to 20 years, and capable to be updated when any option is upgraded
  • Support online version upgrade
  • 7 GHz high-end active differential probe PVA8700 (option)


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