Precision Programmable AC Source & Regenerative Grid Simulator

New Sequoia and Tahou (regenerative) grid simulator and AC/DC sources

The California Instruments Sequoia Series combines intelligence and flexibility with high power to create an advanced platform of AC solutions. Using a state-of-the-art SiC power switching architecture, this full four-quadrant product combines compactness, robustness, and functionality in a floor-standing chassis. This easy-to-configure power product covers a wide spectrum of single and multi-phase AC or single channel and multi-channel DC power applications at an affordable cost. With the add-on electronic load option, the Sequoia Series can support additional advanced renewable energy simulation and test requirements.


Key features:

  • Models range from 15 – 90 kVA single box, can be paralleled to 1.08 MVA
  • Full four quadrant
  • Electronic load option
  • AC & DC modes
  • Analog controls for PHIL and Modulation tests
  • Auto-paralleling for maximum flexibility with multi-chassis configurations