S-Channel – Optimized for DC measurements


S-Channel – ZES Zimmer new Flagship channel

optimized for DC Measurements

With the production and utilization of electric energy going for DC, it is only natural to start thinking of DC grids for distribution as well.  Zimmer sees an impressive range of DC applications gaining momentum fast like PC Arrays, DC Charging infrasture, Electrical Vehicles, DC storage systems and many more.

With the already existing A, B and C channels types Zes Zimmer introduced additionally the New S-Channel for Optimized DC Measurements:

  • A-Channel for high-precision broadband measurements up to 10 MHz
  • B-Channel for general purpose measurements up 500 kHz and
  • C-Channel for high-precision 50/60 Hz measurements up to 10 kHz
  • New S-Channel  to optimize DC measurements


Key Features S-Channel

  • Superior AC & DC accuracy & stability
  • Dedicated AC/DC ranges
  • Automatic zero-adjustment
  • Up to 1000 VAC, measurement category CAT III
  •  Up to 1500 VDC, measurement category CAT II


More information

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