Rigol DS8000-R Compact Oscilloscopes

Rigol presents the DS8000-R series Rack Mount Oscilloscopes, based on the MSO8000 series. With the introduction of the 1U cascadable digital oscilloscope modules, the company is introducing an addition to its UltraVision II oscilloscope portfolio. The core of the UltraVision II architecture is Rigols proprietary  Phoenix chip set that form the analog front-end and handle the signal processing.

The DS8000-R series has a bandwidth of 350MHz to 2GHz (optional bandwidth extension) with a maximum sampling rate of 10 GSa s. Several racks can be cascaded together with a synchronization module as a multiple measuring device with up to 512 analog input channels. A basic module has four analog input channels as well as an external trigger input and a 25 MHz arbitrary generator output. A memory depth of 500 MPts is available for all channels for acquisition and processing. The signal acquisition rate is up to 600,000 Wfms/s. The DS8000-R  features real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis, as well as the representation of the jitter trend especially for digital analysis.

Trigger, math and display options (extended FFT of 1 million points, mask test and power analysis) are available as well as the usual serial bus protocol analysis and trigger functions. Integrated voltmeter, frequency counter and an optional 2-channel arbitrary function generator round off the equipment options.

If more than 4 channels are used, all individual devices can be linked via a synchronization unit, which can be connected to a network router via the optical 10GB interface.  With ULTRADAQ LITE, Rigol offers high-speed data acquisition software for the PC for this purpose. Rigol also offers an open source software developer kit on its website. Additional interfaces such as USB host, USB device, HDMI, LAN and USB-GPIB (adapter) are optionally available. The oscilloscopes can also be controlled and used via mouse and keyboard or via web control.

Rigol offers all extensions, such as higher bandwidth, serial decoding, and the 1-channel arb generator functions via software upgrade.

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