Lumiloop LSPM+ released!


Lumiloop LSPM+ New housing option with Toch Screen and LAN connection capabilities

Electrometric likes to share to share with you, that theLumiloop  LSPM+ has been released. The LSPM+ is an optional housing with touch display and LAN interface for the Lumiloop LSPM triple high speed power meters.
The + option is available for the LSPM 1.0 , 9 kHz – 6 GHz and for the LSPM 2.0, 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz series RF Power Meters


These are the advantages:

  • 4.3″ Touchscreen and Ethernet Interface
  • RF Power on all channels, Mode, … at a glance
  • Easy EMC Software Integration – just enter IP Address
  • Supports Multi-Device Systems

Rearpanel options are available as well. Just connect your cables at the back of the device.

The pictures display the dual channel rearwards version of the LSPM 1.0+.


More information

Please visit the Electrometric website Lumiloop page for more information