Lumiloop LSPM 2.0 RF Power Meter


LSPM 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz Power Meter

The new Lumiloop LSPM 2.0 High-Speed Power Meter is a single, double or tripple channel, high speed, high accuracy and high dynamic range RF Power Meter. Its frequency range is 9kHz to 26.5GHz. Operation up to 40GHz is supported with reduced performance.

Compensation of linearity, frequency and an actively controlled power sensor temperature guarantee accurate measurements from less than ‑75dBm to at least +12dBm. A dynamic range of >80dB is achieved for many frequencies. The LSPM 2.0 Triple High-Speed Power Meter’s high sampling rate allows for high resolution time-domain signal analysis. The Power Meter can be synchronized with signal generators in order to realize high resolution pulse analysis. LSPM 2.0 High-Speed Power Meters can be combined with LUMILOOP’s LSProbe E‑Field Probes to accelerate standard EMC measurements such as IEC61000‑4–3 and 61000–4‑21 by a factor of more than 100 over traditional setups.Rearward connectors are available upon request.


LSPM 2.0 System

The LUMILOOP LSPM 2.0 System consists of a LSPM 2.0 high-speed power meter. The LSPM is available with 1–2- or 3‑channels. The system carrying case inlcudes LSPM software package and a power supply.


LSPM2.0 System Scope of Delivery

LSPM 2.0 High-speed power meter with a frequency range 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz
(1–2‑3-channels available upon request)LSPM Software Package on USB Drive

– Calibration data
– User’s manual & Quick Start Guide
– LUMILOOP TCP server and graphical user interface
– Third party EMC software drivers and programming examples
– Calibration data import tool CalImportLSPM System Carrying Case


More Information

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