Large Tekbox Shielded Tent


  TBST 200_100_100 Shielded Tent 200 x 100 x 100 cm


TBST-200/100/100 Large Shielded Tent for EMC pre-compliance testing

The Tekbox range of shielded tents was expanded with the TBST-200/100/100, measuring 2m x 1m x 1 m.

The TBST200/100/100 shielded tent is designed to suppress interference from  ambient noise when carrying out EMC precompliance measurements. The TBST200/100/100 has a size of 200 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm. The tent can accommodate
any Tekbox precompliance test equipment such as LISNs or TEMcells.

The shielded tent is composed of two layers of conductive fabrics. It is supported by  rigid aluminium profiles. The filter panel at the side provides a 240V/10A mains AC filter, two general purpose 240V/10A AC/DC filters and four coaxial feed through
adapters with screw caps. The access opening is sealed with conductive Velcro  tape.



Outer dimensions 204 cm x 104 cm x 100 cm
Opening dimensions 130 cm x 46 cm
Frame 20 mm x 20mm extruded aluminium profiles
Shielding 2 layers of conductive fabrics
Suspension Conductive Velcro stripes
Filter panel x 240V/10A AC filter; C19 socket
2 x 240V / 10 A AC/DC filters, attached cables with Banana couplers
3 x N-Female coaxial feed-through connectors with screw caps
1 x BNC-Female coaxial feed-through connector with screw caps
Internal AC Socket pigtail cable with detachable female Schuko + country specific AC cables with C13 connector
Attenuation ~30 dB up to 10 MHz
~50 dB in the range 10 MHz to 6 GHz
Weight 17 kg


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