Asterion Multi Channel Power Supply

Asterion DC ASA from Ametek

Ametek introduced a new multi-output version of the Asterion series DC power supplies. The Asterion platform is already known for combining both a high power density (5 kW in 1U rack space) and autoranging power flexibility. The new ASA version adds up to three independant and isolated 600 W channels for a combined power of 1800 W total output power, which is unique in the market.


Product Features

  • 3 independent, isolated 600W channels
  • Total power density up to 1800W in a 1U chassis
  • 4 autoranging output channel options from 60 VDC at 42 A to 400 VDC at 6 A
  • Global single-phase and three-phase AC input power options
  • Intuitive color touch panel control
  • Multi-language display for global operation
  • Multi-channel programmable sequencing, ramps and delays
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Standard LXI LAN, USB, and RS232 interfaces
  • Remote on/off, inhibit, trigger in/out and monitor signals
  • Optional remote analog programming and GPIB interface
  • Full remote control via Virtual Panels™
  • Standard Asterion 5-year warranty