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SATA Protocol Analyzers

SATA Protocol Test Solution

The Sierra Protocol Test System is the 6th generation in the leading line of SATA protocol test solutions from the leading manufacturer of protocol test systems. Designed for the current evolution of SATA (SATA 3.0), the new Sierra product family sets new standards for performance while incorporating a complete range of features in a single, economical system.

  • Solutions up to SATA 4, 12 Gb/s
  • Hardware filtering
  • SAS and SATA combined solution
  • Cascade up to 32 ports
  • Optical, active and copper cable
  • Jammer (error injection) and Traffic Generator options

For a extensive list of SATA Express solutions, we directly refer to the Teledyne LeCroy site for the most actual information. We collected the links below for convenience.