EMC Pre-Compliance Solutions

Pre-Compliance EMC testing on a budget

Rigol Technologies offers a affordable pre-compliance EMC test solution for conducted and radiated emissions. Heart of its EMC test solution is one of the DSA700, DSA800(E) or DSA1000 series spectrum analyzers. These are available with bandwidths from 9 kHz – 500 MHz up to 7.5 GHz with EMI option that provides CISPR bandwidths (200 Hz, 9 & 120 kHz) and Quasipeak detector.

For troubleshooting EMI sources on printed circuit boards and enclosures the Rigol NFP-3 Near Field probes are ideal.

Although not strictly necessary, the new Rigol S1210 EMC software greatly simplifies setup and reduces setup time, automates the actual testing, helps interpreting results and document them.

Electrometric also offers test accessories like LISN’s, pre-amplifiers, TEM cells, antenna’s from different suppliers. We are happy to assist you selecting the most suitable components for your pre-compliance setup.


S1210 EMC test Software

The Rigol S1210 EMI pre-compliance test PC software and a Rigol spectrum analyser (DSA700 series, DSA800(E) series or DSA1000 series) with EMI option (CISPR bandwidths and Quadi Peak Detector) with forms the basis of a cost effective EMC pre-compliance test system.


S1210 Features

  • Introduces the workspace concept – Manage multiple measurements easily
  • ‘Demo’ mode included – Trial the software without an instrument and a licence
  • Includes an independent data manager function to edit files required by the software
  • Includes an amplitude correction function to preview the correction setting and to get the calibration results, promptly
  • Includes pre-scan and final-scan functions with three modes – Clear/Write, Repeat Clear/Write and Repeat Max Hold
  • Includes a limit-line function for quick assessment of the results
  • Supports segment scanning and editing of tables to for efficiency
  • Choose between a log or linear frequency axis
  • The amplitude axis supports multiple units
  • Includes comprehensive peak search settings
  • Supports importing and exporting of the peak table
  • Supports editing of the marker table – Mark any frequency of interest
  • Supports the setting of a reference trace – Compare measured results easily
  • Supports simple operation on the spectral graph
  • includes a report generation function
  • Supports multiple languages (without restarting the software)


pdf Rigol S1210 Datasheet
pdf Rigol S1210 Brochure
pdf RIGOL Product Catalog September 2019


NFP-3 Near Field Probe Set


pdf Rigol NFP-3 Brochure

The Rigol NFP-3 near-field probe set has been designed to work with Rigol DSA series spectrum analysers for the EMI testing of electronic products. It can be used to test magnetic field strength and magnetic field coupling on the surface of electronic components, as well as the magnetic field environment near an electronic module, thereby quickly locating a source of interference.


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