DP900 Series Programmable linear DC power supply

The DP932 Serie power supplies comes in three versions, Model DP932A is the andvanced version that includes all options while model DP832U is the educational Üniversity version which incoroprates front panel safety sockets and lastly model DP832Ë stand for E-commerce version and is a simple and low cost version. each versions offers a 4.3 Inch Color Touch display and excellent low noise and ripple lineair output.

  • Three models available in the series:
    – DP932A (Standard): 32 V/3 A || 32 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
    – DP932U (University-with safety sockets): 32 V/3 A || 32 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
    – DP932E (E-commerce): 30 V/3 A || 30 V/3 A || 6 V/3 A
  • 3 electrically isolated independent channels with a maximum total power of up to 210 W
  • 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen
  • Front-panel safety sockets available on some models
  • Internal series/parallel connections for CH1 and CH2
  • Excellent programming/readback accuracy
  • Transient response time <50 μs
  • Low output ripple and noise <350 μVrms/2 mVpp
  • Command processing time <10 ms
  • Three rack-units (3U), 1/2-rack form factor
  • Software control
  • Timing output, data logging and analysis
  • A maximum of 512 arbitrary points with dwell time down to 100 ms; various built-in basic waveforms
  • Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection
  • Various interfaces available: USB, LAN, and Digital I/O

Model Outputs# Power Outputs Available Options Safety Sockets Interfaces
DP932A 3 210 Watt ±32 V/3 A A || 6 V/3 A All options Included _ USB Host & Device /LAN /Digital IO
DP932U 3 210 Watt ±32 V/3 A  || 6 V/3 A ARB
Yes USB Host & Device /LAN /
Digital IO (optional)
DP932E 3 198  Watt ± 30 V/3 A  || 6 V/3 A HIRES USB Host & Device /LAN

Included Accessories

One fuse
Power cord (based on destination country)
Two pairs of connecting wires (10 A) 10A-Testing-Cable


DP900-HIRES : 1 mA & 1 mV high-resolution setting
DP900-ARB:  Arbitrary function with the minimum dwell time of 100 ms (available on DP932U only)
DP900-DIGITALIO: 4-pin trigger in/out function (available on DP932U only)
RM-1-DP800 DP900 Rack Mount Kit (for a single instrument) 
RM-2-DP800 DP900 Rack Mount Kit (for two instruments side-by-side)