DP2000 Programmable linear DC power supply


DP2031 Programmable Linear DC Power Supply promotion price € 973 (10% reduction)

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Rigol DP2031

DC power supply with three isolated independent output channels (+32 V / 3 A, +32 V / 3 A, +6 V / 10 A, DC, max 222 W). Internal series / parallel connections for CH1 and CH2.

The new Rigol DP2031 is a programmable laboratory power supply with 3 electrically isolated independent channels with a maximum total power of 222 W.

The DP2031 features a very well constructed and easy to use interface, which also offers comprehensive ease-of-use functions, such as programmable voltage Traces. The menu has an intuitive structure.

The unit features a relative large (10,9 cm / 4.3″) and easy to read LCD color touch screen.

In addition to the normal digital displays for voltage, current, and power, these values can also be displayed as signal traces.

A timer control can be used to set the output signal to different values in up to 2048 steps.

Internal series/parallel connections for CH1 and CH2.

  • DP2031: 32 V/3 A || 32 V/3 A || 6 V/5 A (10 A)[1]
  • 3 electrically isolated independent channels with a maximum total power of 222 W
  • 4.3-inch LCD color touch screen
  •  Internal series/parallel connections for CH1 and CH2
  •  High resolution for measurement of 1 μA low range current
  •  Capability to measure and display wide dynamic ranges of current
  •  Excellent programming/readback accuracy
  •  Transient response time <50 μs
  •  Front and rear output terminals
  •  2-wire or 4-wire remote sense
  • A maximum of 512 arbitrary points with dwell time down to 1 ms; various built-in basicvwaveforms
  •  Low output ripple and noise <350 μVrms/2 mVpp
  •  Command processing time <10 ms
  •  Automatic switchover between low and high range measurement
  • Timing output, energy consumption analysis (IoT), data logging and analysis
  •  Capability to measure the minimum of 1 ms pulse current
  •  Three rack-units (3U), 1/2-rack form factor
  •  Software control
  •  Over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection
  • Various interfaces available: USB HOST, LAN, Digital I/O, and RS232 standard; GPIB optional

Model Outputs# Power Outputs Load Regulation Power regulation
DP2031 3 222 Watt ±32 V/3 A A || 6 V/5 A Voltage: <0.01% + 2mV;
Current: <0.01% + 250uA
Voltage: <0.01% + 2mV;
Current: <0.01% + 250uA