DHO900 Compact 12 Bit Digital Oscilloscopes

DHO900 Series Compact Size, Various Interfaces

The DHO900 series is RIGOL’s high-performance economical digital oscilloscope. Though compact in design, it has superior performance. It features a capture rate up to 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire Mode), 50 Mpts memory depth, 12 bits resolution, and low noise.The DHO900 series supports 16 digital channels. One instrument can make an analysis on both the analog and digital signals to meet the embedded design and test scenarios. With an affordable price equivalent to purchasing an entry-level instrument, you can access the auto serial and parallel bus analysis, bode plot analysis, and other functions to meet the test demands in the R&D, education, and scientific research fields.

Ultra-low noise floor, purer signal, never miss the small signals
• Up to 12 bits resolution for all the models of this series
• Max. analog bandwidth of 250 MHz, 4 analog channels
• 16 digital channels (std.), logic probe required to be purchased if needed
• Max. real-time sample rate of 1.25 GSa/s
• Max. memory depth of 50 Mpts
• Vertical sensitivity range: 200 μV/div to 10 V/div
• Max. capture rate of 1,000,000 wfms/s (in UltraAcquire mode)
• Digital phosphor display with real-time 256-level intensity grading
• Integrates the AFG function, bode plot analysis, histogram, digital signal analysis, and etc
• Waveform search and navigation function allows you to debug the signal anomalies faster
• 7″ (1024×600) capacitive multi-touch screen
• Brand new Flex Knob brings user-friendly experience
• USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI interfaces (std.) for all the models of this series
• Novel and delicate industrial design, easy to operate
• Unique online upgrade

Model Bandwidth Channels
Resolution AWG 25 MHz Real Time Sample Rate Memory
Waveform Capture Rate Price
DHO914 125 MHz 4 (+16) 12 N 1.25 Gs/s 50 Mpts 1.000.000 wfms/s € 599
DHO914S 125 MHz 4 (+16) 12 Y 1.25 Gs/s 50 Mpts 1.000.000 wfms/s € 699
DHO924 250 MHz 4 (+16) 12 N 1.25 Gs/s 50 Mpts 1.000.000 wfms/s € 699
DHO925S 250 MHz 4 (+16) 23 Y 1.25 Gs/s 50 Mpts 1.000.000 wfms/s € 799

DHO900 Introduction


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