DG900Pro Series

DG900 Pro Series is a multifunctional signal generator that integrates functions such as function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, noise generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog/digital modulator, frequency meter, etc. The brand new appearance and user-friendly interface design bring a friendly user experience.

  • Outstanding accuracy
    1.25GSa/s sampling rate, 16-bit vertical resolution, easy creation of high fidelity signal
  • 7-inch color touch screen display
    convenient for you to set parameters, view and edit signals for dual channel waveforms simultaneously.
  • Equipped with Type-C connector
    Type-C connector enable DG800 Pro to be powered up by mobile power supply, make on-site testing more convenient
  • Smart appearance
    The 266mm (width) x 165mm (height) x 63mm (depth) DG800 Pro weight only 1.78kg. With its ultra portable design, compact size, and supported by standard display stand, saves your workspace space.
  • Fast rising edge
    60MHz square wave and 50MHz adjustable edge pulse wave output, with waveform rise time as low as 3ns, meeting the waveform requirements of different applications.
  • Ultra low signal jitter
    output signal jitter as low as 200ps (rms)
  • Rich modulation functions
  • Sequence function
    Support up to 64 waveform events, 256 repetition
  • Harmonic generation function
    Maximum 20th harmonic
  • High resolution frequency meter
    7-bit 1GHz frequency meter

Model max Frequency Sample Rate Vertical Resolotion Channels Memory Std / (Optional) Price
DG902Pro 70 MHz 1.25 Gs/s 16 bit 2 16 Mps (32 Mpts) € 639
DG912Pro 150 MHz 1.25 Gs/s 16 bit 2 16 Mps (32 Mpts) € 839
DG922Preo 200 MHz 1.25 Gs/s 16 bit 2 16 Mps (32 Mpts) € 1.099