DG4000 Series 2 channel arbitrary function generators



Advanced Generation Features for Mainstream Applications

2 channel generators from 60 to 200 MHz with large format display

The DG4000 Series waveform generators are utilized in a wide range of applications because of the many functions combined into one instrument. With capabilities including Function Generation, Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Pulse Generation, Harmonic Generation, Analog/Digital Modulation source, and Counter the DG4000 series can handle a broad array of signal emulation applications from near DC up to 60 or even 200 MHz depending on model and function. The DG4000 utilizes Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology which delivers stable, precise, low distortion signals. The sleek, upright design features a high resolution 7″ display screen, while the user-friendly interface design and panel layout improves efficiency.

  • 60, 100, 160 and 200 MHz
  • 2 fully functional channels
  • 500 MSa/s sample rate
  • 14 bit resolution
  • Output voltage up to 10 Vpp into 50 Ohms
  • 2 ppm frequency stability
  • -115 DBc/Hz phase noise
  • 150 built-in waveforms
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Noise, sweep and burst mode
  • Extensive modulation capabilities (AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, OSK, PWM)
  • 200 MHz Frequency Counter
  • Up to 16th order harmonic generation function
  • 7 inch TFT color screen (800 × 480 pixels)
  • Standard USB Host (2), USB Device, LAN
  • 3 year warranty


Model Frequency (Sine) Frequency Square Channels Memory List Price (ex VAT)
DG4202 200MHz 60 MHz 2 16 kpts € 1.651
DG4162 160 MHz 50 MHz 2 16 kpys € 1.001
DG4102 100 MHz 40 MHz 2 16 kpts € 785
DG4062 60 Mhz 25 MHz 2 16 kpts € 737

Rigol DG4000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator Introduction Video

RIGOL Arbitrary Waveforms and Harmonics with DG4000: functions explained

Included Accessories

  • UltraStation Basic -Basic version of UltraStation wave generation software
  • CB-BNC-BNC-MM-100 BNC Cable (1 meter length)
  • USB Cable
  • Instrument Quick Guide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Power Cord


Application Software

Ultra Station-adv Full advanced version of UltraStation wave generation software for DG1000Z, DG4000, DG5000 Series generators as well as
DS1000Z and DS2000A “-S” embedded generators. This is a software upgrade license.


USB-GPIB USB-GPIB Converter. Connect USB directly to instrument and control it via GPIB
RM-DG4000 Rack Mounting Kit for a DS1000Z Series Oscilloscope or DG4000 Series generator.
BAG-G1 Instrument Carry Case for a DSA800 Spectrum Analyzer, DG4000 generator, or DS2000 scope
RA5040K 40 dB attenuator accessory for oscilloscopes or generators
PA1011 10 Watt Power Amplifier
CB-BNC-BNC-MM-100 BNC Cable (length 1 meter)
ADP0150BNC 50 Ohm impedance adapter for oscilloscopes or generators