RF Lambda

RF Lambda - The Leader in RF Broadband Solutions

As a leader of RF Broadband solutions, RF-Lambda offers a broad range of high-end RF Components, Modules, and Systems – from RF Solid State Power Amplifiers and Low Noise Amplifiers, to RF Switches, Phase Shifters, and Attenuators. With microprocessor and FPGA capacity in their RF system designs, the products are widely used for high power radar stations, phased array systems, and broadband jamming systems. Whatever your need, they can offer customized designs and support a variety of applications, including: wireless infrastructure, RF testing equipment, military defense, and aerospace.

Product information

Amplifier (DC Powered)

Power Amp

250 kHz – 86 GHz
Gain 9 to 90 dB
Psat 21 to 55 dBm

LNA (DC Powered)


1 MHz – 110 GHz
Gain 5 to 60 dB
P1dB 1 to 29 dBm

Benchtop (AC Powered)


10 MHz – 90 GHz
PSat 10 to 57.5 dBm
Gain 25 to 90 dB


Variable Gain Amplifier

Variable Gain Amp

10 MHz – 32 GHz
P1dB 20 to 24 dBm
Gain 17 to 45 dB
Gain range up 53 dB



0.1 – 6 GHz
P1dB 10 dBm
Gain 60 dB