Battery Pack Test System – 9200 Series

Modular, Regenerative Battery Test system for EV, Solar PV, Aerospace, Energy Storage, & More

The 9200 Battery Test System is designed for all battery chemistries including  lead-acid, nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion. The 9200 is ideally suited for
applications where maximum tester configuration flexibility is needed to adapt to a broad range of battery voltage, current and power requirements now and in the  future. Another good fit is where high-speed set and measurement are necessary to better characterize battery transient performance. A third application is where  easier and faster test program creation is desired. All applications benefit from the 9200 discharge power recycling capability, which  results in both a cooler test environment and system cost recovery in a few years.

Battery Emulation & Burn-In Applications

A Battery Emulation Mode is provided within Enerchron for testing certain power electronic systems that now utilize a real battery to source and load the product-under-test. In this Emulation Mode, the test channel will source and sink current as needed to maintain voltage regulation. Having a programmable battery emulator provides a more consistent testing capability for products such as chargers, regenerative braking systems, and on board DC/DC converters.

  • Best configuration flexibility
  • Custom waveform/profile generation
  • Microsecond voltage, current & mode transition times
  • Built-in digital measurements with charting & scope displays
  • 3 test system control options including a Touch-Panel interface
  • Bi-directional DC Source, expandable from 12 to 252 kW with 40, 120, 240 or 600 V
  • Regenerative, 87% efficiency of discharge power returned to AC mains
  • Multiple safety layers to protect battery being tested
  • Battery emulation and burn-in applications

Individual Test Channel Specifications


Power Module Versions Model 4904 Model 4912 Model 4924 Model 4960
Charge Envelope 0-40V, 600A, 8kW 0-120V, 200A, 8kW 0-240V, 100A, 8kW 0-600V, 40A, 8kW
Discharge Envelope 1.2-40V, 600A, 12kW 4-120V, 200A, 12kW 6-240V, 100A, 12kW 10-600V, 40A, 12kW
UUT Connection Buss Bar Anderson EBC A32 Anderson EBC A32 Anderson SB75X
Voltage 40V 120V 240v 600V
Measurement Accuracy 0.05% + 20mV 0.05% + 60mV 0.05% + 120mv 0.05% + 0.3V
Set Accuracy 0.1% + 40mV 0.1% + 120mV 0.1% + 240mv 0.1% + 0.6V
Resolution 0.005% (2mV) 0.005% (6mV) 0.005% (12mv) 0.005% (30mV)
Current (Per Module) 600A 200A 100A 40A
Measurement Accuracy 0.1% + 0.6A 0.1% + 0.2A 0.1% + 0.1A 0.1% + 40mA
Set Accuracy 0.2% + 1.2A 0.2% + 0.4A 0.2% + 0.2A 0.2% + 80mA
Resolution 0.005% (30mA) 0.005% (10mA) 0.005% (5ma) 0.005% (2mA)
Power (Per Module)
Range (Charge) 8kW 8kW 8kW 8kW
Range (Discharge) 12kW 12kW 12kW 12kW
Measurement Accuracy 0.3% + 36W 0.3% + 36W 0.3% + 36W 0.3% + 36W
Set Accuracy 0.4% + 48W 0.4% + 48W 0.4% + 48W 0.4% + 48W
Resolution 0.005% (0.6W) 0.005% (0.6W) 0.005% (0.6W) 0.005% (0.6W)
Series Resistance
Range 0-33Ω 0-100Ω 0-200Ω 0-500Ω
Set Accuracy 2% 2% 2% 2%
Size (HxWxD) 72 x 28 x 31″/1829 x 711 x 787mm
Weight 1475lbs/669kg


  • Battery emulation using OCV & series resistance
  • Designed for testing & emulating all battery chemistries
  • Automatic energy integration (full & 1/2 cycle)
  • Multiple safety layers to protect UUT
  • Software tools to shorten test development time
  • PC-based Softpanel GUI with charting
  • Supplied LabVIEW & IVI-C/IVI-COM drivers
  • Optional: Enerchron® test sequencer


  • Regenerative, returns greater than 87% of power to the facility, which provides significant electrical savings.
  • Modular – full function tester per channel design
  • Parallels for high power testing (up to 144kW)
  • Safely simulate and emulate “Real World” conditions
  • Sub-mS voltage, current, & mode transition times
  • Emulate over/under charged batteries
  • Safely emulate BMS & battery failures
  • Flexible configuration (any 3 modules per system)