Radiated Immunity Test System


PMM RAD-IS Datasheet


PMM RAD/IS – Radiated immunity system 9 kHz – 3 GHz, 1500 V/M, IEC/EN 6100-4-3

The PMM RAD/IS immunity test system is intended for testing radiated immunity as per IEC/EN 61000-4-3. It does require a shielded and absorber lined test environment like a Semi Anechoic Chamber or GTEM Cell. The heart of the system consist of a PMM 3010 RF signal generator, PMM Immunity Suite Software and a EP600 series field strength probe. Additional hardware such as PMM 6630 USB Power Meter, RF Amplifiers, Directional Couplers, Antenna’s, TEM cells etc can be added to form a complete automated test system. This modular approach allows configure and adapt the test system towards current and future test needs.

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Key features

  • Test system for Radiated Immunity according to IEC/EN6100-4-3
  • Basic system consist of RF generator, field probe and software suite
  • 3 basic system available for testing up to 140, 500 or 1500 V/m
  • Optional System components like Power Meter, Couplers, Amplifiers, Antenna etc can be added to address actual test requirements
  • Modular System approach allows easy configuration to current & future needs


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