EMC/RF Power meters

pdf PMM 6630 Datasheet


PMM 6630 USB RF power Sensor, 9 kHz – 3 GHz

The 6630 Power Sensor is the ideal solution for true RMS RF power measurements in a wide variety of applications, including EMC immunity testing, CDN and clamp calibration, as well as for measuring the input power of antennas or GTEM cells. Using a directional coupler, both direct and reflected power can be measured easily and accurately.
The optional 6630FOA Fiber Optic Adapter allows communication with a fiber optic link up to 80 meters long, providing the utmost immunity even in the harshest electromagnetic environments, for applications such as bulk current injection tests and in-chamber installations.

The 6630 Power Sensor can be coupled with the SW WIN6630 utility to make it a fully autonomous meter, or act as a stand-alone sensor. Through a straightforward protocol it can communicate with customer-made SW, making it the ideal feedback tool for automated systems.



  • 9 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range
  • 100 nW to 1 W (-40 to +30 dBm) power range
  • True RMS response
  • Excellent power linearity (0.2 dBm typical)
  • USB and fiber optic/USB connection
  • Response time 45 ms
  • Settling time 50 to 180 ms
  • Measuring range LED indicator
  • Robust, compact, lightweigh
  • Win6630 software included


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