L3-Narda MITEQ Bias-Tees

L3 Narda-MITEQ manufactures and designs high performance Microwave Bias Tees that operate from 30 kHz to 40 GHz. These Bias Tee products feature: ultra-broadband performance, low insertion losses, off-the-shelf delivery and compact designs.


L3 Narda-MITEQ’s Bias Tees are suitable for 40 GB systems and typical Bias Tee applications include: OC768 transmitters and receivers, general purpose test and measurement systems. Some bias tee options are available such as custom frequency bandwidths and different connector outputs.

Additional Bias Tee Applications Include:
Biasing for photodiodes (vacuum and solid state), Microchannel plate detectors, transistors, and triodes. High frequencies are not leaking into a common power supply rail and noise from the power supply does not appear on the signal line. L3 Narda MITEQ website – Bias Tee section can be found here.


Definition of a Bias Tee:
A bias tee is a kind of multiplexer which has 3 ports arranged in the shape of a T and where high frequencies (generally above 1 MHz) pass horizontally through the T and lower frequencies take a 90 degree turn used to bias transistors and diodes. It is a simple composition of one capacitor and one coil with attention paid to the details.

L3 Narda-MITEQ can offer customized bias tee solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our Component are backed by L3 Narda-MITEQ’s 3-Year Warranty, and most are available as RoHs Compliant components.

  • Frequency ranging from 30kHz to 40 GHz
  • Insertion loss from 0,6 dB on
  • VSWR from 1,5 on
  • 250mA max current