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Maschek ESM-100 Isotropic ELF/VLF Field Strength Meter

The 3D H/E fieldmeter ESM-100 is a patented, unique hand held measuring instrument. It can easily measure electric and magnetic alternating fields simultaneously, independent of their direction, and at one point.

The frequency range of 5 Hz-400kHz covers the main part of the electric and magnetic fields created by power electronics. Very low and very high field intensities as, for example in the operative range, can be measured. Thanks to the possibility of being able to carry out electric field measurements holding the ESM-100 in ones hand, polluted areas can be found very quickly.



  • Simultaneous isotropic measurement of E and H fields
  • Frequency range from 5 Hz – 400 kHz
  • Measuring range 1 nT – 20 mT and 0.1 V/m – 100 kV/m
  • Simple and intuitive operation to avoid measurement errors
  • High precision ± 5% and high long time stability
  • Standardized measurements according to e.g.: DIN VDE 0848
  • Long Term Recording over 24 h, independent of mains and computer
  • Long Term Memory capacity for 1800 readings in the meter
  • Four selectable filters
  • Possibility of switching over to 1D measurement
  • Programmable signal tone
  • Well laid out display with illumination and bargraph peakhold
  • 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Tripod connection for use as active measuring head
  • Splash-proof and dust-proof according to IP65
  • Developed and made in Germany


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