Danisense is a strong player in the field and is redefining the high end market by offering current sensors with a very high perceived quality, extremely flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.

Danisense current sensors and related products in the following categories:

  • 0A to 600A
  • 600A to 3000A
  • Over 3000A
  • Accessories
  • System Interface units
  • OEM business
  • Calibration service

Product information

  • Current sensors up to 3000 A and more on request
  • DC – 1 MHz
  • Linearity as low as 1 ppm
  • Exceptional time stability <1 ppm DC drift per year
  • Current and Voltage output models
  • High quality metal sensor enclosure for better EMC robustness and temperature stability
  • Protection against open circuit
  • Multi-channel System Interface Power Supply units with Voltage and Current outputs

Danisense offers a wide range of high-quality current sensors. Please refer to the short-form catalog below for an extensive product selection chart. Alternatively the Danisense website provides up to date information about all available products including detailed datasheets.

Zero Flux technology explained

  • Power Measurement
  • Battery & Charger Testing
  • Control Systems
  • Fuel Cell / Battery Monitoring
  • MRI and simular applications
  • Accelerators