Mi-BEAM Series: High Performance, Modular Bidirectional, Regenerative Programmable DC Power System

The Sorensen™ Modular Intelligent-Bidirectional Energy AMplified (Mi-BEAM) Series is the newest addition to the AMETEK Programmable Power portfolio of high-power testing solutions. The new Mi-BEAM Series features full DC source and sink capabilities with power levels from 12kW up to 37kW. The Mi-BEAM Series is fully scalable up to 1.2MW with parallel systems. The available voltage ranges of 600V, 1,500V and 2,000VDC in a 4U rack height chassis provide full power up to 150A within a single system.

Key features

Key Features:

  • Complete solution – battery test, simulation & solar array simulator software included
  • Highest power density up to 37 kW in 4U rack height (9.25 kW/U)
  • Fastest and cleanest power available (fastest transient response and low output ripple and noise)
  • Universal 3-Phase AC Input accepts 180 VAC to 528 VAC
  • Longest manufacturer-based reliability guarantee: 5-year warranty
  • Parallel system power up to 1.2 MW
  • Output voltage up to 2,000 V
  • Bidirectional output current up to ±150 A, up to ±4,800 A in parallel
  • True extended wide-range autoranging output
  • Regenerative to 95%
  • Color touch panel user interface
  • Seamless transition between source and sink
  • Built-in islanding detection

Product information


Voltage Power Current
600 V 12 kW 50 A
600 V 25 kW 100 A
600 V 37 kW 150 A
1500  V 25 kW 50 A
1500  V 37 kW 50 A
2000 V 25 kW 50 A
2000 V 37 kW 50 A

Sorensen MI-Beam Series