8700 Series Ultra-Wide-Bandwidth, High-Power Switch-Mode Amplifiers

8700 Series Ultra-Wide-Bandwidth,  High-Power Switch-Mode Amplifiers

AE Techron’s 8700 Series amplifiers are 400Vp, low-noise, DC-to-250 kHz switch-mode amplifiers. The 8700 series provides a unique combination of the advantages of switch-mode and linear amplifiers. Switch-mode efficiency is combined with a low noise floor and THD, while also benefitting from high slew rates and wide bandwidth. The 8700 series is also able to safely drive both reactive and resistive loads of varying impedances with no loss in rated output powe

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8520 amplifier


  • Bandwidth: DC to 250 kHz
  • Voltage: 0 to 250 VRMS; 0 to 350 VDC
  • Slew rate: Up to 300 V/µs
  • Current: Up to 60 to 360 ARMS*
  • Distortion: <0.8%
  • Power: 4 kW to 24 kW*
  • Power levels up to 5X rated power when driving reactive loads
  • High power efficiency and density

*Models available with output power from 4 kW to 24 kW (capable of up to 120 kVA).