3110A Standard Waveform Generator

The 3110A is a simple-to-use yet powerful standards waveform generator. It can be combined with other AE Techron products to quickly create a wide range of powerful and intelligent EMC test solutions. The 3110A outputs a standard analog signal that can work with any AE Techron amplifier or other LF amplifiers that you already have. When coupled with the AE Techron model 7234 amplifier, the 3110A can create virtually all waveforms, DC offsets, dropouts and surges needed for EMC test with rise/fall times of 2µs or greater and frequencies from DC to 1 MHz.

  • BandwidthDC to 1 MHz
  • Rise Time – Under 2µs
  • Minimum Pulse DurationUnder 15µs for burst; 30µs for continuous
  • Easiest-to-use LF wave sequence generator
  • 3000+ automotive and aviation standards’ tests included
  • Dramatically reduces test time for repetitive test sequences
  • Semi-automatic calibration routine significantly reduces labor-intensive tasks (like CS101)
  • Very easy to modify included waveform sequences or create new ones