AR S1G6 series Broadband Amplifiers

75S1G6C Datasheet


All new series 1-6 GHz RF Broadband Microwave Amplifier
The S1G6C when combined with a U series amplifier forms a unique two amplifier solution covering 10 kHz to 6 GHz

The S1G6C products are new amplifier models designed for EMC applications. The S1G6C, when combined with a U series amplifier, forms a unique two amplifier solution covering 10 kHz – 6 GHz, a testing range typically requiring three to four amplifiers.

The first model to be introduced is the 75 Watt 75S1G6C which will be follod soon by the 250 Watt 250S1G6C and 750 Watt 750S1G6C.


Key Features

  • Class A Solid State design for EMC testing
  • Model 75S1G6 Achieves 75 W CW minimum rated output power from 1 – 6 GHz
  • 100% mismatch tolerant without the aid of foldback circuitry
  • Excellent harmonic performance: -30 dBc typical, -20 dBc minimum
  • Air cooled design with self-contained fans and low acoustical noise
  • Installed in a ruggedized cabinet with lifting handles tested and approved for full CE compliance to safety standards
  • Easily removed from cabinet for rack integration requiring a minimum of 3U


More information

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